About us

If there is something that has made us one of the most respected UK phone providers over the past decade, it has to do with the fact that we offer not only affordable bad credit mobile phone deals but also add a human element to it. At Railways Phones, we do not look at you as merely customers but rather take the onus to understand your needs, your tastes, and preferences and thereafter mould a phone contract that reflects your expectations. We have scaled the ladders and have been able to reach the pinnacle because of our commitment to better service delivery, treating our customers with dignity and going beyond the call of duty to ensure they make informed decisions.

At Railway Phones, we are not just about making money and profits but rather take it upon ourselves to ensure that we understand what our customers want and guide them towards their goals. Unlike other customer representatives that are keen with sealing a deal, ours take interest in what you like and are more concerned with getting you a bad credit mobile phone deal that will best work for you and improve your current credit score status. For us, itís not just about business but rather going the extra mile to ensure that our customerís interests are met.

Our bad credit mobile phone deals are some of the most affordable in the market and the fact that they are diverse is one thing that puts us on a different level with our competitors.