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Are you stigmatized or distressed because all your efforts to get a phone contract have hit a wall? Is your experience every time youíve sought to avail a phone contract one you wish you would forget or one you donít want to experience again? Well, if you are facing this dilemma, worry not as you are not alone. In fact, thousands of other UK citizens have been facing the same problem over the years. However, this does not mean that you canít avail a phone contract because you have bad credit. On the contrary, if youíve arrived here, it simply means that youíve been looking to avail a contract phone your credit status notwithstanding!

Here at Railway Phones, we continue to go the extra mile and have for the past decade been diligent in the delivery of our services not to mention the thousands of people we have been able to assist with a bad credit mobile phone contract. We understand how difficult the financial situation was for many people after the economic turmoil of 2008 and for that reason have been at the forefront of ensuring that we do not alienate any person based on their credit score. At Railway Phones, you can rest assured that we are your friends and that our core objective is to assist you to get an affordable bad credit mobile phone, your credit status notwithstanding.

We believe in according all our customer's equal opportunities and this explains why we have remained relevant and continue to be celebrated 10 years after opening our doors to the UK citizens. Our bad credit mobile phones are not meant to exploit but rather to give individuals an opportunity to not only enjoy the perks that come with having a phone contract but also improve their credit score status while at it. To qualify for our bad credit mobile phones at Phones World, we ask that you meet a few basic requirements. For one, your citizenship is not negotiable as you have to be a UK citizen before we can consider your application.

Secondly, you need to be an adult residing within the UK and of sound mind. Of course, we cannot enter into a contractual obligation with a minor or a person who is not of sound mind. Thirdly, to show proof that you can adequately meet monthly payments, proof of income is of the essence. In this regard, copies of bank statements or payslips would suffice. Ordinarily, you do not have to worry about credit checks or the results of thereof. We do not, and we dare repeat, do not reject any application based on a personís credit score.

You therefore have the freedom to apply for our bad credit mobile phones irrespective of whether you have a history of defaults, CCJs or arrears. Our customer personnel are always committed to guide you through the application process, explain to you the risks as well as the benefits of bad credit mobile phones and lastly, to ensure that the final decision you make is informed. If you are unsure about the financial decision you are about to make as regards to bad credit mobile phones, Money Advice is a great source of information regarding monetary decisions.


The one thing that differentiates us from other bad credit mobile phone providers in the UK has to do with the fact that we take the issue of convenience very seriously. For this reason, provided that we have in our possession all the required documents and that you need the basic requirements, you can expect to be approved within a couple of hours of making your application.